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Redican-Allwood has a vast portfolio of successful projects to testify to our ability to take on any project, large or small.

Redican-Allwood undertakes a range of construction activities from programmed and emergency maintenance through to major commercial construction projects. Apartment buildings of all sizes and in all locations; aged care facilities, rest homes and hospitals; head office or local waystation; emergency infrastructure; even housing for the giraffes at Wellington Zoo. There is little that we will not undertake – just ask us.


A great track record of commercial office spaces, high rise or low.

aged care

With clients like Summerset and Oceania Group, our aged care record is without peer.

living spaces

Apartment buildings and complexes of all sizes and in all locations.


Head office to hospital, emergency infrastructure to local waystation.

Innovation and project management skills within the company are well recognised within the industry, with the company being the preferred contractor for many projects. The art of finishing a project within time constraints and budget requirements, no matter how large the job or how many natural disasters are thrown our way, is something Redican-Allwood has perfected. This ability requires great project management and that is something in which we specialise. Just check out the testimonials from our satisfied clients.


Management of full contract projects to sub-contract and assistance projects.


Finishing a project within budget and time constraints is one of our many strengths.

Historical building preservation, earthquake strengthening, seamless additions and alterations; Redican-Allwood has the experience and expertise. Our successful record of preserving the region's architectural past by strengthening and modernising historical buildings speaks for itself. Redevelopment, revitalisation or expansion of existing structures requires special experience and skill on behalf of the contractor, so as not to impact the remaining elements of the structure or the local environment. Redican-Allwood has all the experience and skillsets required for anything from invisible strengthening of 19th century buildings to the complete overhaul of a dated '60s monstrosity.


Historical building preservation and functional modernisation.


Earthquake strengthening and modernisation, invisible or overt.

Why choose Redican-Allwood?

Redican-Allwood follows a strict process of consultation and review to ensure that the project continues to meet the client's expectations and requirements from first meeting until long after hand-off. Our clients are our source of future projects and we treat them as such. You won't be left in the dark wondering what's happening.

highly experienced
proven track record
strongly recommended by past clients
committed to excellence
established financial stability
open communication
skilled project management
fully qualified staff